Soul Sisters

Soul Sisters Link is a place where women could meet other women for friendship, fun and professional networking.

We decided to create it Soul Sisters because we realized that it can be hard sometimes for women to make new friends. Whether you’re single or not, it’s not always easy to find someone to hang out with. Maybe your old friends are in relationships. Maybe they started a family or maybe they’re just on a different path.

So, what do too many of us do? After we’ve found all these cool places to go to and fun things to do, we say, looks like fun but, alone? And here’s what most of our weekends look like. Sometimes we venture out alone and head back home an hour later. Other times we hang out with our girlfriends and their significant others as that third wheel. But usually, we just stay home and binge-watch the latest series. And we realized how much we’re missing out and how cool it would be if only we had a friend who liked doing the same things we do.

about us

Here’s how Soul Sisters works. Sign up, answer a few questions about yourself. Are you looking for friendship? Professional Networking? Both? What do you love to do? Do you want to travel? Are you a foodie? Is live music your thing? Dancing? Whatever it is you love to do, Soul Sisters finds other women near you who share your interests and off you go! Soul Sisters helps you find other women just like you who want to live every second of their lives to the fullest. Are you ready to break out of your cocoon and live your best life ever?